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"The 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow' belongs to Washington Irving, and it is an enchanted fruit that crumbles into ashes if any one touches it but the magician who fashioned it."
~Edgar Mayhew Bacon, Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, 1897
I beg to differ.

Sleepy Hollow Fan Art

Tales of Romance: Sleepy Hollow fan fiction.

Hollow Laughs: Sleepy Humor!



Slash Hollow
A guide to Sleepy Hollow slash (that is, gay-themed) fan fiction.

Hollow Quotations

Tom Stoppard: The Unsung Hero of Sleepy Hollow!
Learn about Tom Stoppard's unjustly uncredited rewrite, without which this wonderful movie would not have been what it is.

Our Hero, Ichabod Crane!

Why do we love it so much when Ichabod faints?

My Sleepy Hollow swag.


But someone else got Ichabod tattoos.

A few years ago, I visited Sleepy Hollow, NY.

Links & Webrings


How could anyone not love a movie where the egghead with the glasses steals the Homecoming Queen from the Star Quarterback?


Now that Sleepy Hollow has finally left the theaters *sob!*, I can say that my own grand total is that I have seen it 57 times. It would have been more, but there was a month's lag in between when it left the regular theaters and when it opened at the cheap theaters.


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