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The Original Tale by Washington Irving.

Extensive Depp fansite!

Depp Perception
Wonderfully comprehensive Johnny Depp fansite!

SH fansite

By the Tree of the Dead

The Shrine of the Hessian: Reocities
The Shrine of the Hessian: Oocities
Both of these are mirror sites salvaging old Geocities pages. Without them, this, one of Sleepy Hollow's oldest fansites, would have been lost. There are numerous fanfics on these sites which are not archived anywhere else - including a great many Mary Sue/Horseman fics!

Beth Killian's Page

Fan Fiction

Heather Sparrows' Fanfiction

Anne-Li's Fanfiction
Scroll down to find the SH fics. Also read her SH/Eroica crossover Taming the Boar.

Genius At Work
by Grey Bard
Fandoms: NCIS & Sleepy Hollow. A Gothically inclined forensic scientist writes fanfic about a Gothically inclined forensic scientist.

Katrina's Smile
Vignette from The Movie.

The Transcript
Hilarious interview with a contemporary descendant of Ichabod Crane.

The Tin Man
author: littlerhymes
Summary: Ichabod Crane, with a bullet to the heart.

The Crooked House
author: littlerhymes
Summary: Life in New York.

my shining palace built upon the sand
Author: lotesseflower
Summary: Ichabod, Katrina, and Masbath beyond the picture frame in winter, untangling magic, love, sorrow, and justice.

Sleepy Hollow fics at

Sleepy Hollow fics at Archive of Our Own.

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