Sleepy Hollow Loot

My Sleepy Hollow Stuff

Naturally I have the DVD and the official art book. I also have the novelization somewhere. The binder contains the complete set of trading cards.
Thanks to the kindness of Glacier, I also have a videotape of the Jeff Goldblum movie, which actually anticipates The Movie in several ways.

It doesn't show well, but the gold thingie is a Mardi Gras doubloon with the Headless Horseman on it.

Of course I have the official soundtrack. The soundtrack to the musical can be bought on Amazon. The GRT one is more complicated. I bought it on a decade ago, when the site was much more happenin'. It's no longer there, and GRT Soundtrax seems to have disappeared from the web. The liner notes don't tell us much except that it's the work of Winifred Phillips and part of the Radio Tales series on NPR. I did some digging around and discovered that nowadays you can buy the program here, but you can't buy just the instrumental bits anywhere now. Which is a shame, because it is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard anywhere.
Also, popular filk musician Heather Alexander has a song about Ichabod Crane called Cold Frosty Morning.

Greeting cards.

I found this on a trip to New Hampshire.

Refrigerator magnets. When I emailed a friend about acquiring the syrup magnet on ebay, he replied, "This certificate entitles you to one life. Use it. Please."

I got most of this swag on my trip to Sleepy Hollow, NY. Notice the ticket stubs. If I had realized how much this movie was going to mean to me, I would have saved them all, but since I had tossed them all by the time I caught on, it seemed silly to start. This is just a random handful I happened to save.

I bought these two bottles of wine just because of the vineyard. They cost me more than any other bottles of wine I have ever bought. They were also the absolute WORST wine I have ever tasted. It was completely unpotable.

I don't actually own this item, I just saved the picture.


I also have a few other items that aren't on this page:
Ichabod goggles and a cardinal thaumatrope.
An ad from an industry publication, and a novelty card. There's also a photo there of an espresso bar that used to exist in Austin, TX called Ichabod's.


Sleepy Hollow