"Dorian, I want you to give up stealing."

"Oh, balls. Still gnawing at that old bone, are we?"

"Will you be serious? Are you aware that stealing is against the law?"

"So is what we did last night, darling."

"That is beside the point! Don’t you have any ethics at all?"

"And what would I do with myself if I quit?"

"I don’t know! Whatever else it is you do! Shop for more foppish clothes! Watch those idiotic musicals you like so much!"

"Like a good lady of the manor, hmm? Hardly. Really, darling. I wouldn’t ask you to give up your career."

"It isn’t the same thing and you know it!"

"What I know is that you have decided that you’re the man in this relationship, and you’re a male chauvinist pig!"

"No, I’m just a stuffed shirt with silly scruples about grand larceny!"

"Fine. I’ll quit stealing… on one condition."

"Which is?"

"That you quit smoking."

"… Verdammt! You are as impossible as you ever were."

"Love hasn’t changed either one of us, darling."