Eroica Snippets



Snippet 1


The morning after.


Snippet 2


A ballroom, moonlight, a balcony....


Snippet 3


From out of the blue.


Snippet 4


Klaus in a temper. ^-~


Snippet 5


Staring matches. Now a complete story: Windows To The Soul.


Snippet 6


Dorian runs into an old flame.



Snippet 7


These dreams go on when I close my eyes....



Snippet 8


Our heroes make a wager.



Snippet 9


Anything for the mission.



Snippet 10


A Major in distress, and Eroica to the rescue.



Snippet 11


Klaus makes Dorian an offer he can't refuse. Now a complete story: Spring Fever.



Snippet 12


Cher's challenge: Feral!Klaus.



Snippet 13


Some thieves just can't refrain from interfering in NATO missions.



Snippet 14


Klaus gets his Tarot cards read.



Snippet 15





Snippet 16


Rhi's challenge:Dorian/Z. The first bit of it generously contributed by Filigree Silver.



Snippet 17


Happy birthday, dear Major.



Snippet 18


Nico's challenge: our heroes must unite to retrieve their eloping young kinsmen.



Snippet 19


Happy Birthday, To Eroica With Love.



Snippet 20


The Persian border scene. Set in the White Rose Blooming universe, but not used in the story.



Snippet 21


Yuriko's challenge. A mission, an injury... and the inevitable fireworks.



Snippet 22


A dare. Could be considered to take place in The Ancient Ones Endure universe.



Snippet 23


Some things can be counted upon. Others can't.



Snippet 24


Some things are worth waiting for.



Snippet 25


Klaus and his father have a Talk.



Snippet 26


Christmas and the Eberbach boar.



Snippet 27


My answer to the Inappropriate Elf Challenge.



Snippet 28


My answer to the "Klaus's haircut" challenge.



Snippet 29


Dorian is surprised.



Snippet 30


An apocryphal glimpse into the Entanglements universe.



Snippet 31


Open secrets.



Snippet 32


Klaus teaches Z espionage techniques.



Snippet 33


Dorian gets right to the point.



Snippet 34


For the "first kiss" challenge.



Snippet 35


Dorian appoints himself Klaus's personal clipping service.



Snippet 36


How far would Dorian go?



Snippet 37


Klaus speaks without thinking.



Snippet 38


Klaus is still a divestmentphobe.



Snippet 39


The love between massive egos.



Snippet 40


Klaus eventually buys a clue.



Snippet 41


Dorian is a cat person. Which explains everything, really.



Snippet 42


Silly spamfic. Death Note reference.



Snippet 43