Only A Stranger

Only A Stranger


I am only a stranger.
In the watches of the night,
I seek the darker side of life,
whilst you dance in the sunlight.

You have bloomed in a carefully tended garden,
and are not afraid of what lies without
or what might venture within.
My faith was torn from my hands,
and scars left in its place.
Now I fear everything,
yet face the worst I can seek out
as I would a firing squad.

In my monkish cell,
I devise instruments of glass and metal
and structures of logic
to cure the world's ills,
whilst by the warm hearth,
you chant spells over a potion
to cure mine.

My sense and reason
are blown away by your white magic,
flying like uncaged cardinals.
I watch their flight sadly, but I do not try to stop them.

I peer cautiously through lenses
that magnify all sins and secrets
at things I do not wish to see,
but must before I may, sickened, turn away.
I wish I could blot the things I have seen from my mind.
Yet you twirl, blindfolded, hands outstretched,
accepting whatever
they find.
I cringe behind my spectacles,
flinching with the fear of one who has seen far too much.
You smile and reach,
your blissful vision of the world
protected by a blindfold.

I fight the whole world tooth and claw
for a chance to save it.
With open arms and open heart,
you offer the whole world
the bounty of your good fortune.
Having nothing but my crusade,
I risked it all on one throw of the dice.
I gained treasures I had never hoped for,
though not what I had sought.

I awoke, crying out, from a nightmare
and found a dream in my arms.

I was only a stranger.
I have spent my life on the edge,
moving alone through the shadows,
until the golden girl
in the charmed circle
broke the circle to bestow her blessing,
a kiss,
on me.



Sleepy Hollow