This Just In

by Margaret Price

Associated Press - August 7, 2006

Hollywood is buzzing following the announcement that Dorian Red Gloria, star of the hit series Marauders of the Tropical Seas, would be moving to the big screen, having been cast in the lead role of the film "Eroica, the Phantom Thief." The film is based on the controversial best seller "From Eroica With Love," about an openly gay aristocrat who moonlights as an international art thief. The timing of this announcement has many speculating about possible damage control following a recent story in the tabloid "The Untold Truth" that stated that the actor himself is gay.

The public outcry from this story-which many are calling a smear campaign-has been overwhelming, with reports that the tabloid is being inundated with phone calls, emails, and text messages. After the studio announcement today, an angry mob of mostly young women attempted to storm the offices of "The Untold Truth." Several arrests were made when a scuffle broke out between some of the protesters and an unidentified employee of the paper.

A statement released by Mr. Gloria's publicist rejected all rumors that the story was planted by the studio as a publicity stunt to garner interest in the film, scheduled for release on Christmas day of next year. Mr. Gloria, who is currently out of the country filming what many hope to be the climactic cliffhanger for the end of this season's Marauders of the Tropical Seas, was unavailable for comment.