To The Rescue

by Kadorienne
Illustrated by Lilith

A tenth of a second before the bullet would have entered Major Eberbach's ribcage, Eroica appears and catches the bullet. Before anyone even has time to register his presence, he speeds around the room in a red-and-gold blur, snatching all the terrorists' guns. When he comes to a stop, he crushes the guns in his manicured hands. He then whips out several pairs of handcuffs (he's always kept a few on hand, even before the meteor) and has the terrorists cuffed to each other and helpless before the fragments of the ruined guns hit the floor.

"You idiot faggot!" the Major roars. "I don't need your bloody help! I told you not to interfere with my missions!"

Eroica pouts. "I bet Lois Lane never says that."