Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena



Damsel In Shining Armor
Pairing: Utena\Anthy.
Rating: PG-13.

Someday My Prince
Pairing: Utena\Anthy.
Rating: PG-13.

Blossom Under Heaven
Summary: Juri's struggle with the power of miracles.
Rating: PG-13.

Black Rose

Inappropriate Elf Challenge.

Tenjou Utena's Top 10 Pickup Lines

Courtesy of the Duchess of the Antipodes, a Five-Word Utenafic (that seems to owe something to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty):
"This's surreal." "Yes, my Prince."


Utena's Inspirations

"The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas."
~Herman Hesse, Demian

The influence of Rose of Versailles on Utena is well known. Not so well known is the influence of Kaze To Ki No Uta, the first yaoi manga.



The Gallery At Empty Movement
Huge collection of Utena art book scans.

And They Lived....
Author: Kirax2
Utena/Anthy. Summary: There is no such thing as eternity.

The Empty Swimming Pool
Author: Jude
Pairings: Utena/Anthy, Nanami/Juri
Hardboiled Utena is a spy.

Absolute Destiny Metalocalypse
by Hokuto
Metalocalypse crossover.
Summary: Nathan wakes up on the wrong couch. Inspired by a conversation with a friend about the band Epica.

The Language of Flowers
by Hokuto
Summary: Of course, Anthy saw her in a flower shop.

Narnia/Utena crossover.

When Too Little Is Said
Juri/Shiori fic.


Kanna-Ophelia's Fanfiction
The femslash of a tremendously talented writer, in Utena and other fandoms.

A Lesser Sin
by fickle_goddess
Pairing: Juri/Anthy
Line: All around her the white petals fell like virgin snow as the iron bells began to toll; it was over.
Word Count: 305

My Period of Erotic Sibling Representation is Over
by ryfkah
Fandoms: The Middleman, Revolutionary Girl Utena
Summary: Akio is particularly fond of Pip's nude self-portrait.
Words: 133

just about enough losing things
by coloredink
BBC Sherlock crossover.
Summary: "Why?" she asks.
"It doesn't matter," he says, very quietly. "I need the Rose Bride."

life in a glasshouse
Some intriguing essays about Utena.

This Girl's Tragedy
Site about Nanami. Click on "The Egg And I" to see a Utena spoof of 50's hygiene documentaries!

Shadows in the Rose Garden
Feminist literary discussion of the series, plus fanfics. Be sure to read the Very Secret Diaries.

World-Shaking Fanfic
High-quality yuri fic.

Satellite of Revolution
Hilarious MST's of truly bad Utenafics, many starring Mary Sue.

We're waiting, Miss Tenjou....
Humor and assorted links, all Utena-related.


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